When people arrive at your Facebook Page, where do you think they first look?

That’s right — it’s your Facebook cover photo.
Since it’s one of the most noticeable parts of your page, it’s crucial that you follow Facebook cover photo best practices.

Most of beginners Find it difficult to set their designed Photo to Facebook cover of course the biggest problem we face is size what is the size of Facebook Page Cover ?

Imagine you designed your Facebook page after several hours of work when you upload it it’s all messy how will you feel?  heartbroken?

I’m here to solve your problem You don’t want to spend all this time designing a cover photo … only to have it look weird when you upload it to Facebook.

Make sure your cover photo will look fabulous from the get-go by making sure it’s the right dimensions: 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall. That was easy right just download the image blow and draw anything you like on it choose a background you like then draw your page logo and name on it.

Try to remember some point while making your cover : 

  • photo size is right: 851 px wide by 315 px tall.
  • Keep the image simple, with a clear focal point.
    • It will look good on mobile.
  • Don’t hide content behind your profile picture.
    • use right part.
  • Don’t put important content on the bottom of your photo, either.
    • Because bottom is covered by buttons.

  • As possible use center part of cover.
    • so it will not look bad on mobile virsion. 
  • If needed use more of the right side then left.

It’s done next is profile picture well it easy to set profile picture but if you need facebook page profile photo size is 180 x 160

that’s all you need to know right everything else is easy but if you need any help in fell free to comment.

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